Local SEO

Increasing Rankings & Traffic

When searching google you want to make sure you are number one for your product and or business and well crafted local SEO will do exactly that. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will use key words to place you in good rankings for what people are searching. Your site will be optimised page by page so what is important on each page will be optimised for.

Reinforce Your Online Position

Creating an online presence is one thing but building a strong local presence is very important. We use Key Word Optimisation to build your local rankings in google so when people are searching key phrases in your area you show first. From small businesses to multinational companies, having this local presence and strong ranking will build your business in the eyes of your customers. We also use analytics to provide key feedback so we know what is working and what we need to re-optimise so your SEO works to its full potential.

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