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Reynolds Press

Empowering organisations through print

The Challenge

Reynolds Press is on a mission to transform it's business, achieving the highest standard for print, design, sustainability, turning imagination into tangible, and the smoothest delivery/installation experiences within the print industry. It was time for their digital presence to reflect the rest of their business by creating a web experience that customers could trust and feel inspired by.

Launch Project

A Personal Touch

The user interface's goal was to showcase Reynolds exquisite attention to detail, quality design and personable approach that they have on all their projects - ensuring to sprinkle some magic dust on every job they work on. We visually represented this through animated 'scribbles', giving the clean, minimalist design a more personal touch.

We expanded on this concept further by integrating logic-based questionnaires throughout to aid the user's journey. This ensured both Reynold's Press and their customers gained more insight into what they were looking for and the necessary steps needed in transforming their imagination into a reality.