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Hagley West

Follow the journey #HWJourney

The Challenge

Fly Full Circle were appointed by Hagley West to design and create comprehensive, branded documents to facilitate Hagley West in acquiring investors. Our ambition was to drive emotionally engagement and vision by bringing the product to investors doorsteps through an elegant and informative brochure whilst also offering a need to invest.

Launch Project

Croudcubes quickest funded investment in 24 hours

The result? 235% funds raised & 270 investors on-board.

We created with a purpose. Our responsibility was to redefine the journey between watchmaker and watch wearer and to help potential investors see that too.

Through the exploration of their brand guidelines, brand voice and personality, we could encompass elegant styling throughout. Each page was cleverly crafted to offer a truly unique insight into the Hagley West journey of making the most of each moment.