Fargo Village - Fargo Village - Fargo Village -

Fargo Village - Fargo Village - Fargo Village -

The Challenge

To align the feel and creativity of Fargo village's culture with their online visitors. The collaboration of events, shopping and music needed to come together when building a comprehensive user journey for a really broad set of potential visitors. Captivating user attention was a key objective, scrolling through each web page needs to feel authentic to their personality mixing in colour and design with smooth modern digital animations.

Launch Project

Rethinking, redesigning and improving the website

Through consistent brand imagery and enticing visuals, all customers and vendors, with their own very specific needs, had to be provided with the right information for their own experiences with Fargo Village.

Fly Full Circle built Fargo Village an immersive, emotion-induced but still user-focused website which formed shared baseline principles. Our primary objective was to convey directly on their website, the same feeling of awe people have when visiting Fargo Village.