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Crusader Vans - Crusader Vans - Crusader Vans -

The Challenge

Crusader Vans; van leasing specialists, approached us with a vision to re-design their brand identity and align their website with their new brand image. With a heavy focus on mobile design, optimisation and usage, they needed a dynamic and high-functioning website to facilitate enquiries and help visitors acquire vehicles across the UK, Wales & Scotland.

Launch Project

Supplying vehicles to customers nationwide

We pin-pointed various user journeys and incorporated visual touch-points along the way so visitors can be exposed to the most accurate and up-to date information.

We worked to create a site that fused an easy exploring experience with lots of different information.

The site tracks vehicle availability and price fulfilment across different vehicle types and as with all our sites, it's fully responsive and just as easy to navigate on the front-end as it is in the back-end.

Mobile Focus

With over 75% of Crusader Vans' traffic coming from mobile, we were able to build a website that reaches more customers, faster. Without compromising on navigation and design, we created a mobile-friendly website that helps to build credibility with their customers and through responsive design, their website renders to look and function well, ensuring that whoever visits will have a proper experience.