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Keeping your audience motivated

Last updated on 20 Feb 2017 - 3 min read

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On social media it can be difficult, when starting out, to create new engaging posts without repeating the same topic over and over. This can turn audiences away thinking you your business struggles with originality.

Social media isn’t just about pushing your product or services as this can come across as a little too forceful. We have put together the basics to help build your brand on social networks and help you with keeping your audience motivated and active through your business.

Make it exciting!

I know what you’re thinking, easier said than done, but honestly, it’s not that difficult to utilise social media to connect with your target audience when structuring your social media strategy. The first step is understanding your audience, and by understanding this you will be able to keep them interested. So when it comes to your audience you have to first look at identifying your demographic, who is that is using your site? What age are they? It might sound silly to say but if your audience is age 16-30 years then using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will keep them updated and interested in looking at your site for more details. but if your audience is typically older than 50 years then the likelihood of them following you on twitter or liking your post on Facebook become increasingly slimmer. So you have to look at creating content on your website through blog posts and regular updates to keep them coming back.

This brings me nicely on to my next point, content, more specifically engaging content. Having content is a good start but unless it is what your audience actually needs to see or answers questions they have, then it’s not going to keep them for long. Identifying the audience’s questions and queries are key for a successful website.  Here are a few points on how to create engaging content that will keep your audience motivated and coming back for more.

It’s always good to mix up media

Using social media is obviously essential, but when using social media what content do you use? do you use just informative text or text with an image or text with a video? It is good to use a mix of all three, use pictures and videos in their own right as certain subjects will respond better to video whereas others a picture. Statistics are a great source of information when questioning what to post, for example, if your demographic is predominantly on mobile devices, make note that ‘51% of video plays are on mobile devices’* so it would make sense for your business to utilise this. Another interesting statistic to bear in mind is that ‘Tweets with attached images received 18% more clicks than those without’**. When posting these on social media it’s also important to link it to your website and try to drive traffic to your website where all their questions can be answered. If you would like some more details about what we can do for your business on social media, have a look at our page all about it, social media.

The personalisation of content will keep your audience entertained.

With content, keeping it personalised will help the audience move through it easier as they will start to understand your personality as a business and in return feel more comfortable when contacting or doing business with you.

Don’t over publish your product and services, this will deter the audience that is looking for answers or who are trying to contact you. This can come across as very pushy and dissuade customers from using your site and even your business as you come across as too product oriented and not interested in customer service. It’s important to show all sides of the business, from sales to ‘about us’ and all the way to being able to contact you easily.

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